"... The Osteopath, Ricardo Rosa, has magic hands. I arrived with a sprained knee and Ricardo somehow fixed it - within a few days I was able to go back to exercising. I told him to move to London, but I guess life in London can't beat the serenity, blue sky and sunshine of the Algarve.”
Sylvia Smith

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    “The week was exactly what I needed in the short time between finishing one job and starting the next. I do believe that your concept is just right for the demanding times that we live.”
    “Thank you all for the great stay at Longevity, your kindness and hospitality, your experience and passion for the wellness made me flying, I always get energy from people like you, so thank you."
    Wellness partner
    “The week far exceeded my expectations. The greatest accolade is actually a repeat visit and you can be assured I shall be back. I will also encourage my wife to come for a visit.”
    “I cannot even begin to tell how much of a life changing experience it was at Longevity. I wish I had been there a few years earlier, yet even now, it still is one of the finest gifts I have given myself... Coming there has changed my outlook on life. More especially, it has already helped me refine some of my diet measures, understand how far to go without causing a negative outcome. Now I don't have to just sit and worry. I know what to do and I do it. Longevity is a transformation place. Thank you all for your kindness."
    “... We both had a fascinating, fun, challenging and luxurious stay which has been both life changing and life enhancing. We learned so much about nutrition and fitness and got a tremendous amount out of all the classes we did. The personal trainers are really second to none – please do pass on my thanks to Elier and Marcio. We miss them and all of you already! I cannot put into words just how much the trip meant to us... Thank you so much again for changing our lives for the better!"