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You may get additional information on our services and on our client/partner contract terms, by sending us and email and/or contacting us for such purposes. Our contacts for such purpose are: reservations@longevity.pt.


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Breaches of these terms and conditions
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Data mining
The automated and/or systematic collection of data from this website is prohibited.


Longevity may collect and process personal data from you when you are accessing or using this Website. In such instances, the privacy rules described in our Privacy Notice are applicable.

For further information and details on the collection and processing of personal data please read our Privacy Notice below.


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Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, links made available through Longevity website may indicate that there is a collaboration agreement between the parties. .


These terms and conditions are governed and subject to Portuguese Law. In this case, both User and Longevity agree that the civil courts of Lisbon (Portugal) will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with the interpretation and/or execution of these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions are effective from 19 December 2014. Longevity may from time to time make changes to these Terms and Conditions. You will be notified of these changes through notice of change here.

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice contains the rules applicable to the collection and processing of personal data by Longevity Wellness Worldwide, Lda.

This Privacy Notice contains the rules applicable to the collection and processing of personal data by Longevity Wellness Worldwide, Lda.

These rules do not supersede any provisions that have been specifically agreed with any of clients, partner and/or providers.

For purposes of this Notice, You and/or Client and/or Patient and/or User are indistinctively used to mean the owner of the personal data.

By providing us with your personal data you acknowledge and declare that:

  • You are above 18 years old.
  • You understand the Portuguese or the English languages.
  • You authorize the collection, processing and use of the personal data in the terms contained herein.


Longevity Wellness Worldwide, Lda., a limited liability company with registered offices at Metropolitan Business Center, Rua Fernando Namora, Zona 3 – Nº 4-7ºB, Colinas do Cruzeiro, 2675-487 Odivelas – Lisbon, taxpayers’ VAT number 508707633.
Contact details: reservations@longevity.pt


Longevity provides premium health and wellness services and facilitates the provision of other medical services by third parties.

Longevity services include the provision of medical and wellness services.

For this, Longevity needs to collect personal and health information for the purposes of:

  • Submit a taylor made proposal and provide the proposed health and wellness services to Client and provide relevant data to a third party medical provider.
  • Send to client marketing information on other services that Longevity may develop in the future and that it believes are of interest of client, provided client has given its consent and has not opted out.


Personal data for proposal elaboration:

Name, email, address, telephone number for contact, identification of the desired programme/service, age, gender, local medical doctor and place where he/she can be contacted (if applicable), profession, nationality.

Health data:

Information related to the programme/service that client wish to acquire, clinical history and health situation (if applicable), medication that client is taking or any other relevant health details and condition that may influence the programme/service that is being acquired. Longevity collects your data after your specific consent by telephone, email or through a form in our website or sent by email.

Obligatory information is marked with an *. Failure to provide such obligatory information will result in Longevity being unable to send a quote and/or proposal and/or not provide the services, whichever applicable. We will maintain your data for the time strictly necessary for the completion of each of the purposes mentioned above or for further legitimate purposes or for the period authorized by the National Data Protection Authority (CNPD). Notwithstanding the above, Longevity may retain some categories of data for a longer period for compliance with legal requirements.


  • Hospitals & Laboratories – data will be communicated to the hospital that will be performing the elected medical procedure and or diagnostics.
  • Hotel/Resort – data will be communicated to the hotels/resorts where Longevity services are provided.
  • Insurance companies – data will be communicated in the event client informs Longevity that it intends to use insurance company to coverage the costs of the medical procedure.
  • Travel Agency – only personal data is communicated for purpose of provision of the touristic services associated to the health and wellness tourism package.

These third parties will be bound, through signature of a written contract with Longevity, to maintain confidentiality on the data received and to adopt the technical and organizational measures adequate to protect personal data against unauthorized access or use, change, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss, in those instances where they will act as data processors for such information.

The data to be transmitted to these 3rd parties is on a need to know basis a restricted to minimum necessary to allow them to provide such services.

Longevity may also have to communicate personal data to authorities and regulatory bodies, such as tax and social security authorities, for purposes of compliance with relevant local and regulatory laws.


  • You have the right to access, rectify and delete your personal information at any time.
  • You may opt out of receiving marketing materials from us.

You may exercise any of these rights in writing through email to: reservations@longevity.pt


Data will not be transferred outside the EU, unless otherwise settled.


Longevity has adopted appropriate organizational and technical measures for the safety of the personal data and to prevent unauthorized access or use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss of such data, including but not limited to, restriction of physical and logical access to data, logical separation of personal data and health data, database encryption, amongst others.

Online collection of data:

Please be advised that data that is collected/transmitted through an open network, may circulate without safety conditions and there is the risk that it may be seen and used by non-authorized third parties. Therefore, we advise you to adopt further additional security measures when using the internet for purposes of transmitting your personal data, such as encryption, using updated firewalls and antivirus duly updated, amongst others.

As provided for in the relevant laws, collection and processing of health data will be conducted by a health professional subject under national law or rules established by national competent bodies to the obligation of professional secrecy or by another person also subject to an equivalent obligation of professional secrecy.


Longevity may use cookies, web beacons or other similar files in its website in order to improve performance and enhance the User experience.

Cookies are small text files that a website may put on User’s computer or mobile device in order to recognize the device the next time the User visits the website. It is a common practice in the internet as this enables the recognition of the User when browsing the web. For instance, when a User returns to the previous page of a website, the cookie enables him/her to come back to the selected page with the preferences that the User had previously selected.

Some cookies contain personal identification (for instances when you use “remember me”, the cookie stores your username which can be formed by your own name).

Most internet browsers use cookies but, likewise, they allow User to turn off such functionality.

Should you wish to know more about cookies and how they can be deleted, you may visit, amongst others:


This privacy notice is governed and subject to Portuguese Law. In this case, both User and Longevity agree that the civil courts of Lisbon (Portugal) will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with the interpretation and/or execution of this Privacy Notice.


This Notice is effective from 19 December 2014. Longevity may from time to time make changes to this Privacy Notice to reflect any changes to our privacy practices in accordance with changes to legislation, or to the Longevity website. You will be notified through notice of change in this website.