With 14 spacious and comfortable treatment rooms, Gym and Body & Mind Activities Room, the FEEL SPA by Longevity offers a wide range of Spa & Wellness services.


Infra-Red Sauna - The infrared heating system not only offers you the traditional benefits of a sauna, but also has additional advantages: it relaxes your muscle tissue, slows down the aging process and helps reduce cellulite.

Steam Room - is a form of relaxation combined with body cleansing. When eucalyptus is added to the steam bath, its effects are not only beneficial but also highly refreshing.

Epsom Salt Room - Inhale natural, healing minerals from the Himalayan salt mist, rich in minerals. Halotherapy improves respiratory system, healing skin conditions and balancing serotonin hormonal levels.

Sensations Showers Tunnel Experience - Combine contrasting water pressures and temperatures ideal for stimulating circulation, balancing and detoxing the body with sound and to improve relaxation.

Ice Fountain - Strategically placed, our ice fountain provides a pleasant cooling after sauna.

Outdoor heated Multi Jet Pool

Relaxation Room


Floatation Session - Relieve fatigue, relax and re-establish your energy. With a high amount of Epsom Salt, your body will float effortlessly and at the same time the properties of this salt will reduce your stress, increase relaxation, relieve your aching muscles and bone pain, and eliminate toxins from your body.

Iyashi Dome Treatment – Purify, Regenerate and Slim, is the basis of this state of the art technology that, with only a 30 minute session, allows to burn up to 600 kcal. Its action through long infrared rays of organic plant origin allows a detoxification of toxins and heavy metals.

Venus Freeze - A safe, pleasant and pain-free experience. Effective treatment in reducing abdominal circumference, improving celulite and tightening of the skin, leaving the body more contoured and firm. Areas: Abdomen / Thighs / Buttocks / Arms

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Specific therapy consisting of light, rhythmic and precise pressures movements to stimulate the lymphatic system and the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins. With diuretic and relaxing effect, it helps to relieve the symptoms of heavy and tired legs.

Colonic Hydrotherapy - Colon Hydrotherapy aims to achieve optimal bowel function through the restoration of fluid, matter and gas balance. Removes accumulated toxins and it stimulates the immune system, providing a controlled detox that makes it lighter and beneficial to your health. The tea can help against cramps in the colon under treatment. The tea can also help in general of the amount of stool (faeces) that is released.

Osteopathy Session - Osteopathy is a gentle manual form of medicine that focuses on total body health by rebalancing the musculoskeletal framework, which includes the joints, muscles and spine. It seeks to identify and remove blockages allowing the body to heal itself and balance the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic and visceral systems.


Body Scrubs

Body Treatments

• Pure & Detox Body Treatment Body wrap that helps in detoxifying the body promoting the restructuring and cellular balance of the skin, helping to eliminate toxins and accumulated impurities.

• Draining & Reshaping Body Treatment Reducing and anti-sagging action. This draining body wrap improves blood circulation and increases the body’s metabolism.

• Nourishing & Relax Body Treatment Moisturizing body wrap with relaxing aromas and nutritive properties for the skin.


Facial Treatments

• Facial Express Moisturizing and Invigorating Facial Treatment, leaving your skin with more energy and glow, providing comfort and vitality.

• Anti-Ageing Facial This revitalizing, relaxing and draining treatment stimulates skin renewal, fighting the signs of ageing.

• Facial Lifting Facial Restorative Treatment, which provides a new production of collagen and elastin fibers, leaving your skin firmer,

• Facial Cleansing Deep cleansing treatment effective in removing dead cells and wrinkles, improves skin texture and promotes the growth of new healthy cells. Smoothers spots, removes black dots and gives new luminosity to the skin.

• Skin Deep Nourishing Deep facial treatment that helps rejuvenating your skin. Soothes spots, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. A process that helps in the production of collagen leaving your skin incredibly more moisturized and renewed.

Full Body Massages

• Relaxing massage

• Detox massage

• Sports massage

• Candle massage

• Localised massage - legs - neck, back and shoulders - cranio facial

• Back Massage with Shells

• Mother To Be Massage During pregnancy women feel special because it is such an important moment in their lives. To help achieve the essential well-being at this stage, we provide a massage of hydration, comfort and relaxation, providing wellbeing for both mother and baby.


Personal Training Sessions

• Pilates Personal Training
• Yoga Personal Training
• Slimming Personal Training 
• Fat Burner Personal Training
• Assisted Stretching Personal Training
• Balance & Strength Personal Training
• Bootcamp Personal Training
• HIIT Personal Training
• Body Shape Personal Training

Fully equipped gym dedicated to fitness and functional training by Technogym®.