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Longevity Tiny Tips for Faster Weight Loss

A sensible weight loss program usually combines an exercise routine with nutrition management, meal planning, weight training, stress reduction and other strategies. The tips below, if not already included in your weight loss steps, will bring added benefits to help you drop extra pounds.

Drink warm water in empty stomach. A cup of warm water daily in empty stomach can help lose fat. Add squeezed lemon juice for added flavour and health benefit, or apple cider vinegar and honey for a delicious and healthy drink.

Drink water before your meals. Drinking water 30 minutes before your meals can make your feel fuller and reduce your food intake at the next meal.

Eat a high protein breakfast. Including protein in your breakfast menu can add multiple benefits to your health, including reduced cravings and having a sense of being full for a longer period.

Avoid sugar. Eliminate soda and fruit juices which contain high amounts of sugar and corn syrup. Build gradually a habit to stick to water, lemon water or herbal tea during meals. Excess sugar has been linked to obesity, inflammation, heart disease and cancer.

Drink coffee or tea. Both contain caffeine which helps burn fat by increasing your metabolism. Green tea is particularly known for its extraordinary antioxidant benefits and for helping reduce belly fat.

Eat healthy fats. Olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, avocados and oily fish, like salmon and sardines, can help you reach your health management goals faster and impart great taste to your foods. The Mediterranean diet uses predominantly olive oil and is linked to greater health and longevity.

Get more fiber in your diet. Adding high-fiber foods to your meals will make you feel fuller with less calories while providing other health benefits. Choose from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and beans to support your digestive health and help you lose weight.

Move often. Add regular blocks of five minute exercise or physically active minutes throughout the day, such as taking a short walk, performing yoga or doing jumping jacks at home when watching TV. It will give you extra energy and remove the opportunity to reach out for the unhealthy snack.

Get enough sleep. Organize your time better and manage electronic device time. Create a daily routine to facilitate the habit and train your brain to feel sleepy. Nothing is more important than you.


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