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The Real Benefits of Juice Fasting - Longevity Blog

Food indulgences and compulsions, and the increasing numbers in obesity and chronic disease, make it necessary to break from unhealthy eating patterns, processed foods, saturated fat, refined carbohydrates, and excessive caffeine and alcohol. Changing what and how we eat can make us healthier, leading to a path of transformation which can reverse damages and diseases.

It is well known that a plant based diet can bring many health benefits and promote long term wellbeing. A juice fasting is a great way to detoxify the body and enjoy many of the benefits from consuming fresh whole foods. If possible, it is wise to include organic ingredients in the juicing ingredients to avoid pesticides. The positive effects in the body go beyond detoxification:

  • juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients, particularly to those with impaired digestion as it pre-digests the food;
  • a juice fasting facilitates incorporation of a wider variety of raw ingredients; it is easier to juice them than to include them all in your daily salad;
  • juicing makes it easier to meet daily nutritional requirements: it is easier to drink the juice of 2 pounds of vegetables than to consume them raw;
  • since a juice fasting requires consumption of only fresh whole produce, it makes meal decision-making easy;
  • juicing enables the stomach to rest; further chewing any particles in the mouth will release digestive enzymes which aids digestion;
  • juicing nutrient dense foods helps heal the gut and detoxify toxic chemicals, medications and the effects of stress;
  • the liver is the primary detoxifying organ and a juicing cleanse can greatly alleviate its toxic overload;
  • a whole-produce diet provides the body with optimum nutrients: vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that result in anti-inflammatory and healing effects;
  • juicing rehydrates the body, making it more efficient in removing toxins which are associated with many symptoms and ailments in the body;
  • juicing results in increased levels of energy and vitality, making it easier and joyful to engage in daily activities and exercises;
  • juice fasting will reduce cravings and eliminate compulsive eating, both in quantity and quality, leading to improved health and wellbeing;
  • reduction or reversal of physical problems: juicing can alleviate symptoms like headaches, rashes, digestive disorders, fatigue, body aches and joint paint, sinus, etc.
  • juice fasting helps with weight loss not only by controlling cravings and calories, but also by initiating a new healthy pattern;
  • juice fasting can result in healing of cells and organs as maximum detoxification happens, allowing the mitochondria to create energy with less oxidation and free radicals.



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