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Longevity Simple Ways to Improve Mood

There are many factors that can shift or impact mood, including stress, fatigue and relationship factors. Feeling down or depressed are common phenomena. Use these simple steps to uplift and improve mood, reduce stress and boost energy for the rest of the day. Investing the time to include them in your regular routines will support your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.


Sleep and Exercise. Getting enough sleep on a consistent basis is a critical factor for overall wellbeing. Although individual needs may differ, it is commonly agreed that adequate sleep and maintaining a sleep hygiene are a basic need to feeling good. Exercise is known to immediately reduce stress, increase energy and improve mood. Consider going for a walk or engaging in physical activity of choice on a regular basis. Healthy routines are easier to perform once they become habits.

Practice Gratitude and Appreciation. Maintaining a regular practice of gratitude brings happier feelings and heartfelt appreciation for the positive aspects in life. You can write a gratitude journal, feel appreciation in silent moments of prayer or be thankful at meals with family, friends or alone. Feeling appreciation, gratitude and contentment have shown to improve physical health, psychological wellbeing and a sense of peace.

Get a Massage. The benefits of massage are countless, from relaxation to pain management. Massages can effectively combat stress, relieve pain and tension, improve sleep, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, address headaches and diminish anxiety. Regular massage can reduce heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels and help maintain muscles more relaxed even during post-massage moments.

Help Someone. Service to others involve empathy and compassion. People report feeling happy when donating to charity or volunteering. Helping others does not necessarily require time, energy or money. Any form of altruism, such as a genuine smile or random acts of kindness create a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. Helping others is an effective mood lifter. Find what suits you to start rejoicing in life.

Mood Enhancing Food. While chocolate can bring an immediate rush of energy and euphoria, avoid foods that will cause drops in sugar levels, leaving you down and drained, such as cookies, candies and soda. Eating smaller portions at regular intervals, increasing foods rich in omega-3 (salmon, sardines, walnuts, flax-seeds), and including small amount of protein at every meal can help lift your mood. Turkey, beef, eggs and dark leafy greens provide tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin which is, among other things, a natural mood stabilizer.

Enjoy the Senses. Spending time in nature can have healing results and invoke a state of relaxation, whether it is a walk on the beach or a picnic in the park. Take a break to disconnect from daily stressors. Indulge your senses in aromatherapy, light a candle, soak in a scented bubble bath, or listen to your favourite music. Whether you walk away from your desk or take a vacation, mood management can offer many options that suit your situation.

Create your Own Mood Lifting List. Prepare your own mood enhancing tool kit and implement simple daily stress busters to feel good. The list may include the quickest strategy such as smelling a favourite fragrance or opening a drawer of happy items (photos, gifts, awards received, a dream trip, or an inspiring quote). For others, feeling good can be found in quiet prayer, yoga stretching or guided meditation. Consistent and deliberate action can make your day more proactive, productive and pleasant for yourself and others and avoid the helplessness of depression.


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