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Longevity Nutritional Concept

The word “diet” is usually associated with calorie deprivation, with a primary focus on the type and quantity of food consumed, often with disregard of a particular aspect too important to be forgotten: food and nutrients have the capacity to influence and modulate the general function of our body, a key concept in terms of metabolic health.

In this context, the Longevity Functional Menu was developed to contribute to a better natural body detoxification system, reducing its inflammation overload, facilitating cellular regeneration and optimizing overall health.

The menu is subdivided into two categories. The liquid diet menu (DETOX), which is gluten and lactose free, contributes to the effectiveness of the hepatic and intestinal detoxification mechanisms, facilitating the elimination of toxins and xenobiotics through urine, fecal elimination and sweat. To this effect, meals are served in regular intervals of two hours, alternating detox juices rich in vegetable protein with purifying soups.

The solid menu, carefully designed to reach a balance between the various macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), gluten free, rich in fibers and with a low glycemic index, promotes weight loss, restores and regenerates the various metabolic and endocrine body systems.


Longevity Detox and Weight Loss Programmes Suggestions