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Vacation time is usually associated with family, friends, good food and good times. Sometimes, vacation planning and travel can be stressful and tiring, and health plans are not always implemented. Vacation is a great opportunity to relax and revitalize, and to maintain or start a healthy lifestyle. Follow these tips to optimize your health and happiness, and to ensure you return feeling reenergized and rejuvenated.

Avoid late nights: don’t sleep late and get the necessary rest to maintain your natural schedule.

Eat leafy greens: eat a salad every day and ensure your meals contain spinach, kale or other leafy greens. You may take holidays – your health should not.

Drink plenty of water: this will help you stay hydrated, facilitate digestion and help flush out toxins. Drink water before meals to avoid overeating.

Order healthy fish: incorporate omega-3 rich fish, like sardines, mackerel, tuna, with healthy sides for a light and nourishing meal.

Avoid fried food: go for sweet potatoes or a side of vegetables instead of french fries.

Stick to fruits: eating fruits at all meals will ensure you help meet your daily nutritional requirements and stay away from unhealthy alternatives. Bananas and grapes, for example, are easy to carry and snack between meals. Forsake the dessert, chose fruit.

Relax: sauna, yoga, meditation or massage are great ways to quiet the mind and relax the body. Plan beforehand to ensure your hotel offers some options.

Avoid overeating at parties: eat a healthy snack before the party to avoid overindulgence.

Stay active: a walk on the beach, biking, surfing, dancing or swimming are part of the fun. Chose walking tours instead of bus tours to explore the area. Be on the move.

Slow down: don’t overbook your vacation schedule and disconnect from electronic devices to enjoy each moment and focus on yourself.

Book a hotel with gym or fitness programs: easy access to a gym or interesting programs will make you more inclined to participate. It might make you more motivated to try new things, or simply add interest or adventure to your physical activities.

Consider a Wellness retreat – a medical wellness program, detox retreat, spa treatment, hiking or spiritual retreat might represent a new beginning in health and wellbeing, by addressing health imbalances, cleansing and rebalancing body and mind or simply reducing stress.



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