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Common Mistakes in Weight Management | Longevity Blog

Do you find yourself caught in these behaviours that are potentially affecting your health and weight? If you are not aware about how much you are consuming pay attention to these common situations where we tend to consume more than the necessary or ideal amount of food.

Skipping Breakfast
Breakfast is considered a critical meal to provide energy and essential nutrients to your body and mind, and it helps to keep your weight off. Not eating breakfast means you will likely eat more later.

Eating while working, talking on the phone or watching a movie can make you lose track of how much you are eating, particularly if your food is not on a plate. Watch for busy and stressful days as they could be impacting both the quality and quantity of the food you are consuming.

Eating When Not Hungry
Eating when not hungry just to keep others company or while waiting for your children’s soccer game can be an unhealthy habit and add unnecessary calories to your daily food intake. Some eat out of boredom, depression, anger or stress which can lead to a cyclical pattern. Find creative ways to say no to yourself and seek other rewarding alternative options.

Indulging at Buffets or Celebrations
If you are expecting a big buffet during the week or are invited to a celebration find strategies to restrict and restrain, at least days before and after. Eating beyond feeling full can be a result of irresistible food temptations and cravings. Although it may be challenging to let go of the pleasures of food, negotiate with yourself for compensatory solutions, such as rewards for maintaining or exceeding weight goals, like a professional massage or a get away vacation.

Snacking Between Meals
Whether brought by hunger or craving, between meals munching can add substantial calories and unhealthy fat to your eating pattern, unless you problem-solve with prepared healthy snacks at finger tip disposal, like yogurt, nuts, seeds, fruits and pre-cut vegetables. Behaviour modification is a matter of psychology. You can strategize, use will power or seek professional help with nutrition, weight loss, meal planning for more effective results.



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