Is stress killing you? The following information provides some perspectives on the nature of stress and its risk factors to health, longevity and quality of life. Stress is an individual experience. It is dependent on your ability to relax and manage your thoughts and emotions. The importance of minimizing stress cannot be stressed enough. Learn more »

Stress: The Good, The Bad and the Killer

The word stress tends to be associated with a negative connotation, as something bad for your health or an unwanted component of life. For many, it is viewed as a necessary and unavoidable consequence of a busy life. In reality, stress is neither good nor bad. It is not an inevitable part of life for all. Stress is generally defined as a psychological and/or physiological reaction to a perceived threat. Read More »

10 Simple Steps to Stress Less - Longevity Blog

According to the American Psychology Association, 75% of adults continue to experience high levels of stress and many people report increasing levels compared to previous years. Stress is an important health concern and is common in many countries and in various dimensions of our lives, from work to relationships.
Stress is often considered a silent killer due to its adverse effects on physical and mental health.
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Longevity Simple Ways to Improve Mood

There are many factors that can shift or impact mood, including stress, fatigue and relationship factors. Feeling down or depressed are common phenomena. Use these simple steps to uplift mood, reduce stress and boost energy for the rest of the day. Investing the time to include them in your regular routines will support your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.
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