Sesame seeds are tiny, flat oval shaped seeds with a nutty taste and a subtle crunch. They come in different colors, including white, yellow, black and brown. They are used in bagels, breads, cookies, salads, and snacks and are commonly incorporated in many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. Sesame oil and tahini (sesame paste) are examples of other uses of sesame seed. They can be consumed raw, dried or roasted. Learn more »


Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits help promote health and treat disease, from inhibiting blood clot formation to enhancing immune response. Higher vitamin E intake has been associated with lower incidence of heart disease, cell protection against free radicals, and potential prevention of age-related macular degeneration and cognitive decline. It also balances hormones, promotes good circulation, repairs damaged skin, stimulates hair growth and helps alleviate fatigue. Learn more »

7 Anti-Inflammatory Reasons to Drink Chai Tea

Chai tea is an Indian drink from the Ayurvedic medical tradition made of water, milk, spices and black tea that is decocted for a minimum of 20 minutes. Chai literally means tea and it is referred to as masala chai in its original version. It offers excellent antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial action, digestion protection and potential anti-cancer effects thanks to the blend of spices that are incorporated into this drink. (…) Learn all about 7 Anti-Inflammatory Reasons to Drink Chai Tea »

Longevity 10 Best Foods to Eat Everyday - Longevity Blog

A healthy diet is not about deprivation, starvation or limitation. With a mindful and skillful approach, it should focus on promoting health and well-being without sacrifice of joy and pleasure of eating. There are many commonly agreed upon food categories that support balanced eating and nutrition, detoxification and healing, energy and vitality. Longevity suggests consumption of these 10 superfoods every day to feel better and live longer. (…)
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Grocery Tips for Healthy Shopping - Longevity Blog

A balanced and healthy diet plays a key role in maintaining and restoring health, and promoting longevity. Managing a balanced menu is the first step to living well, contributing to the prevention of diseases, increasing vitality and leading to vigour in the performance of daily activities.
Having a well-organized, well-planned grocery list will not only get you in and out of the supermarket quickly, it will also keep your healthy eating plan on track. (…)
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Best Foods to Combat Inflammation - Longevity Blog

Inflammation is a normal and healthy response by the body to bacteria, viruses and damaged cells. While there are many factors that may contribute to chronic inflammation, nutrition has a significant influence. As such, what we eat can directly contribute to accumulated detrimental effects of inflammatory responses which may not manifest in visible or noticeable symptoms until much later. Therefore, diet can play a critical role in preventing or addressing damage to the body. (…) Read More »

Longevity Nutritional Concept

The word “diet” is usually associated with calorie deprivation, with a primary focus on the type and quantity of food consumed, often with disregard of a particular aspect too important to be forgotten: food and nutrients have the capacity to influence and modulate the general function of our body, a key concept in terms of metabolic health. In this context, the Longevity Functional Menu was developed to contribute to a better natural body detoxification system, reducing its inflammation overload, facilitating cellular regeneration and optimizing overall health. (…) Read More »

10 Best Superfoods

While the list of the healthiest foods may vary both in terms of their order of importance in nutrient density or healing potential, some foods are consistently regarded superfoods. These nutrition dense foods can add flavour, fiber and flexibility to your meals. Incorporate these in your diet for potent health benefits, anti-aging effects and anti-carcinogenic properties. Read More »

Health Benefits of Sprouts | Longevity Blog

Sprouts are becoming increasingly known for their nutrition powerhouse. Sprouts are low in calories and rich in fibre, enzymes, protein, and other micro-nutrients. Not many people eat them although they can easily be bought or grown at home without requiring advanced gardening skills. There are tremendous health benefits from including sprouts in your diet… Read More »