10 Top Tips for a Healthier Skin

A healthy skin reflects a healthy body. A radiant and glowing skin can be cultivated from its foundation: the food you eat and a detoxified body. What you feed your body, also nourishes your face. It is, therefore, important to pay attention to the foods you eat that can help heal, protect, rejuvenate and beautify your skin and the steps you can take to enjoy a firmer, younger and smoother skin. Read More »

Beauty Inside Out - Longevity Blog

Cosmetic and skin care are a billion dollar industry and new products are created every year for a myriad of purposes ranging from acne to anti-aging. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it is affected by the same factors that influence health and longevity, such as lifestyle and environmental factors. (…) These steps can help fight cellular damage, restore skin tone and texture, and promote a healthy complexion and glowing skin (…) Read More »

Skin Healing by the Sea

The benefits of going to the beach range from overall relaxation to skin regeneration. Ocean water is known to clear conditions like acne, psoriasis and dryness, or simply dull and deteriorated skin by internal and external factors. In 4th century B.C. Hipprocrates, known as the father of medicine, was the first to introduce the medical benefits of seawater for healing purposes. (…) Seawater is not only for skin rejuvenation. It’s also good to revive the heart and soul. Read More »