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8 Benefits of Juice Fasting



Juice fasting, by giving the body some rest from overeating, unhealthy food and toxins, enables the digestive system energies to be redirected elsewhere where functions have been disrupted or impacted, thus generating an internal cleansing effect. Without the processed foods, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol and other toxic consumption, the body initiates a self-cleansing process. This cleansing mechanism is facilitated by the liver, the primary detoxifying organ.

Benefits of juice fasting

  1. detoxification (elimination of fat cells, mucus, cholesterol, and other toxins);
  2. improved absorption of important nutrients;
  3. increased metabolism and cell oxygenation;
  4. weight loss as body fat starts to break down;
  5. improved mental clarity and energy;
  6. strengthened immunity;
  7. better sleep: may reduce sleep hours while feeling refreshed in the morning;
  8. greater mobility and ease of movement.

A Juice Fasting programme should always be approved by a doctor or nutritionist.



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