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12 Best Detox Foods - Longevity Blog

There are many techniques, treatments and types of detoxification that can be used for cleansing the body. Depending on what body system or organ is targeted, different foods can be incorporated in your diet. Here are top 12 detox foods that can help any diet:

  1. Ginger (a critical player in detoxification and gastrointestinal health);
  2. Garlic (a powerhouse in detox effects and should be added to your daily diet);
  3. Turmeric (a powerful anti-inflammatory for all over the body, particularly the liver due to its compound, curcumin);
  4. Fruits (high water content, vitamins, nutrients, fibre, antioxidants);
  5. Leafy and other greens (wheatgrass, kale, spinach, alfalfa, Swiss chard, collards, etc. provide detoxifying chlorophyll);
  6. Raw vegetables (onions, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, beets and other contain sulphur and glutathione);
  7. Lemons (lemon juice supports the detoxification of the liver and kidney);
  8. Omega-3 fatty acids (like wild salmon, helps detox and lubricate intestinal walls);
  9. Basil (helps the body metabolize and eliminate chemical waste);
  10. Flaxseeds (help flush out toxins from the digestive tract);
  11. Almonds (the liver cleanser due to their vitamin E);
  12. White tea (helps break down belly fat and avoid the formation of fat cells).

Adding these and other detox foods in your diet can have a great impact in your daily attempts to counteract the effects of toxins in water, food and environments. Removing toxins, along with other healthy lifestyle habits, will aid in weight management, mood, reducing inflammation and overall health and longevity.



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