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Longevity Feel Detox Wellness 7 Nights Programme

The primary reason for a detoxification is to remove potentially detrimental and dangerous waste from the body and protect organs and systems so that they may perform their vital functions in an optimum manner. As toxins are flushed out of the body, the benefits of detoxification will be evident in the way you feel and function, depending on the level of toxin overload and the detox approaches followed.

Some reported benefits of detoxification are:

  1. Feel rejuvenated
    Unwanted substances inside the body can make you feel slow and sluggish. A detox can bring an overall feeling of wellbeing: you feel recharged and revitalized.
  1. Better health
    Removal of toxins means a reduced risk of chronic diseases and a general amelioration of health conditions and symptoms.
  1. Boost energy
    A toxic buildup makes the body work harder and it slows down the functions of the organs, which causes fatigue. A detox results in a boost of energy and vitality, following any cleansing reactions.
  1. Improved digestion
    Removal of toxins improves the digestive process, thereby addressing bloating, acidity, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other symptoms. A clear colon means better absorption.
  1. Better skin
    As an elimination organ, the skin will reflect the internal condition of the body. Detoxification clears skin conditions.
  1. Lower stress
    High levels of stress increase cortisol, which reduces liver function. A detox diet that rebalance hormones and improves liver function, would also normalize chemical balance and generate less stress.
  1. Improved sleep
    Removal of excess toxins in the body and brain induces a better sleep and rest.
  1. Stronger immune system
    Once the body removes excess toxins, the immune system is better able to fight bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  1. Clearer thinking and concentration
    Sugar, fat and toxins accumulation in the body lead to feelings of lethargy and fuzzy thinking. People report feeling improvement in fogginess after a detox program, compared to before. Some also report enhanced perception.
  1. Elimination of bad breath
    Bad breath and other body odours are a result of toxic accumulation in the digestive tract.
  1. Better mood
    Toxins impact both the performance of physical organs, as well as cognitive function and mental wellness. Elimination of these substances lead to overall better mood and wellbeing.

It is normal to feel worse during the purge and purification process before experiencing the above changes. To sustain the benefits of detoxification, continue avoiding exposure and incorporating methods and foods that support the body’s natural detox process.

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