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10 Simple Ways to Avoid Exposure to Toxins - Longevity Blog

The comforts and conveniences of our technological age have increased our speed of life and, along with that, the disruption of balance in the body and mind. Our exposure to    environmental toxins, pollution, contaminated food, microwaves, drugs, tobacco, household chemicals and stress have created a toxic overload in our cells, tissues and organs. It seems almost impossible to completely avoid these toxins.

Toxins impact our immune system and are linked to many chronic diseases, from candida to cancer. Healthy lifestyle and detoxification programs can help combat these negative effects. Another approach is to minimize or remove the sources of toxicity:

  1. Avoid fast, processed and canned foods
    Cans contain linings that are damaging to the health, causing free radicals. Fast, frozen and processed foods are considered devoid of nutrition and laden with harmful chemicals (salts, sweeteners, artificial flavours, colourings, factory created fats, preservatives, etc.).
  1. Avoid anger, hate and other negative emotions
    Human emotions have a chemical signature. Negative emotions are toxic. Practice emotional regulation, cognitive behaviour therapy, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi or other relaxation activities. Take a break or a vacation. Seek help for your health.
  1. Drink plenty of water
    Water is required to expel toxins from the body and lubricate the entire system. Chose pure, filtered or alkaline water. Water enables tears, sweat and urine to transport waste chemicals out of the body. Avoid plastic bottles that contain BPA, which can harm your body’s elimination process.
  1. Buy organic fruits and vegetables
    Avoid dangerous pesticides and chemicals by trying to consume organic, fresh and local produce if possible. Conventional potatoes, for example, contain herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.
  1. Remove sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet
    Sugar is considered poisonous and its consumption should be eliminated or minimized. Artificial sweeteners are also dangerous chemicals, which pose health risks and toxicity
  1. Stay away from all forms of substance abuse
    Tobacco, drugs and alcohol are intoxicating to the body. Prescription drugs should be carefully discussed with your doctor and pharmacist for safer alternatives and side effects.
  1. Switch to safer skin care and household products
    Many makeup products and household cleaners are known to contain chemicals known as endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Skin products should be made of safe and natural ingredients, or from ingredients found in your kitchen. Essential oils are a safe, effective and pleasant ingredient to be incorporated into house cleaning and sanitizing.
  1. Consume fermented foods and drinks
    These are probiotic foods that can help the body defend against toxicity as they help balance gut flora which are important for immunity, digestion, detoxification and elimination. Probiotics also offer protection against candida.  
  1. Choose grass-fed meat
    Select pasture fed and hormone and antibiotic free meat and poultry as a key diet defense against dangerous chemicals. It is also important to avoid farmed fish. Besides their chemical overload, they have a higher concentration of omega-6 and offer less nutritional value.
  1. Address constipation
    Detoxification depends on elimination to remove the toxins out of the body. Constipation creates the risk of recirculation of toxins with its own risks.



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