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10 Facts About Inflammation | Longevity Blog


Inflammation controls our lives and determines our health. As a top public health concern, the following facts offer some information on its nature and dangers.

  1. Persistent chronic low-grade inflammation can kill you slowly over time.
  2. You may feel a sense of good health and experience a silent chronic low-grade inflammation at the same time, which gradually destroys your body, like slow poison.
  3. The more fat cells accumulate in the body, especially those around the mid section, the higher the risk of chronic inflammation. Belly fat is dangerous.
  4. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased inflammation and turn your immune system against you.
  5. Chronic inflammation is one of the key drivers of aging: inflammaging, a lifetime exposure to inflammatory responses, is associated with mortality and age-related diseases, such as cancer. Inflammation accelerates aging. That includes skin aging.
  6. Exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body: twenty to thirty minutes of daily moderate exercise is sufficient.
  7. Some culinary herbs and spices have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation. Turmeric, ginger, rosemary and cayenne are effective anti-inflammatories.
  8. A significant portion of immune cells are found in the gut. Inflammatory diseases start in the gut with an autoimmune reaction which progresses into systemic inflammation.
  9. Persistent inflammation slows metabolism and leads to increased hunger.
  10. Lifestyle factors are a significant contribution to inflammation.



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