14Feb 2018
Longevity Feel Detox Wellness 7 Nights Programme

The primary reason for a detoxification is to remove potentially detrimental and dangerous waste from the body and protect organs and systems so that they may perform their vital functions in an optimum manner. As toxins are flushed out of the body, the benefits of detoxification will be evident in the way you feel and function, depending on the level of toxin overload and the detox approaches followed. Some reported benefits of detoxification are… Learn More »

11Feb 2018
12 Signs You Need a Detox

Toxins are harmful substances that are derived from food, water, cleaning products, and other environmental sources that we are exposed to regularly. An accumulation of toxins may become poisonous in the human body, which may lead to potential damage of vital organs and systems. A toxic body may manifest a variety of signs and symptoms… Learn More »

26Jan 2018
Natural Ways to Eliminate Muscle Tension

Overuse, underuse or misuse of muscle generate potential stiffness, tension, pain and inflammation. Staying inactive, sustaining an injury, poor posture or overdoing at the gym can lead to these conditions. In most of the cases, the muscle tension is caused by stress and anxiety, making it one of the top health complaints. There are several natural remedies that can help alleviate muscle tension. Learn More »

08Jan 2018
10 Best Superfoods

While the list of the healthiest foods may vary both in terms of their order of importance in nutrient density or healing potential, some foods are consistently regarded superfoods. These nutrition dense foods can add flavour, fiber and flexibility to your meals. Incorporate these in your diet for potent health benefits, anti-aging effects and anti-carcinogenic properties. Read More »

15Dec 2017
Longevity Tiny Tips for Faster Weight Loss

A sensible weight loss program usually combines an exercise routine with nutrition management, meal planning, weight training, stress reduction and other strategies. The tips below, if not already included in your weight loss steps, will bring added benefits to help you drop extra pounds.
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14Dec 2017
Health Benefits of Sprouts | Longevity Blog

Sprouts are becoming increasingly known for their nutrition powerhouse. Sprouts are low in calories and rich in fibre, enzymes, protein, and other micro-nutrients. Not many people eat them although they can easily be bought or grown at home without requiring advanced gardening skills. There are tremendous health benefits from including sprouts in your diet… Read More »

13Dec 2017
Longevity Simple Ways to Improve Mood

There are many factors that can shift or impact mood, including stress, fatigue and relationship factors. Feeling down or depressed are common phenomena. Use these simple steps to uplift mood, reduce stress and boost energy for the rest of the day. Investing the time to include them in your regular routines will support your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.
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12Dec 2017
Longevity 10 Common Walking Mistakes

Walking is a natural and a relatively easy exercise and, yet, there are mistakes commonly made that can be avoided to improve health benefits and minimize body tension and injury. Paying attention to these pitfalls can add enjoyment and mileage to the walking exercise.
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11Dec 2017
Common Mistakes in Weight Management | Longevity Blog

Do you find yourself caught in these behaviours that are potentially affecting your health and weight? If you are not aware about how much you are consuming pay attention to these common situations where we tend to consume more than the necessary or ideal amount of food.
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