What differentiates Longevity from other hotels promoting Wellness?  Its Wellness DNA

Today’s lifestyle is associated with many health problems such as stress, poor eating habits, lack of physical exercise, pollution, etc., which leads to dangerous health imbalances such as excess weight, high blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension, chronic inflammation, anxiety and other mind related imbalances, amongst many other disorders.

These factors together with an awaking consciousness and global awareness is resulting in a growing demand for health & wellness services and solutions, with a special emphasis on wellness tourism.

Nowadays almost every Hotel has a Spa facility and uses “wellness” as a buzzword to promote its Spa services. The Spa hardware is important and any hotel can create great Spa facilities. However, in addition to the Spa hardware, it is in the software that lies the secret of high quality, high impact wellness. It is not about Spa square meters and number of Spa treatment rooms. It is about the wellness concept, the wellness multi-disciplinary team, the integrated approach, the wellness solutions, the integrity and pureness of its products, amenities and supplements, and the wellness programmes: in a nutshell, the wellness DNA.

With two operations in the Algarve region of Portugal, Longevity combines cutting edge integrative wellness and medicine, world class professionals, impact driven programme design and a relentless pursuit towards the health and wellbeing of its clients and guests, all orchestrated in beautiful hotels with quality Spa and Wellness facilities.

Longevity understands what impairs people’s wellbeing through in-depth research on worldwide ancient and modern medicine. Longevity has a core wellness team which studies, analyzes and implements solutions and services which are constantly up to date with new needs and findings. All of these are being shared through the recently launched Longevity BLOG.

Longevity puts this knowledge at the center of any hospitality project that it launches, conceptualizing all its products and hotel operations with a strong focus on what drives the wellness guest needs, wishes and expectations, and the main causes of health imbalances in today’s society.  Our blueprint is implemented in each of our locations in such a way as to maximize impact on client health and wellbeing. Longevity’s DNA is Wellness.

Longevity currently operates two Wellness hospitality products in Portugal, namely the Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa and the Longevity Cegonha Country Club, both in the southern and sunny region of the Algarve, known for its award winning leisure, beach, sea and golf attractions.

Each Longevity location has its own unique selling propositions, identity, price positioning and special features, yet always anchored in Longevity’s commitment to quality and brand standards in designing and executing high impact, high quality wellness programmes and solutions for its clients. The integrity of its concept is present in any location: rebalancing body and mind, regeneration and boosting health and wellbeing, always with great guest care and hospitality excellence.

Longevity programmes offer a range of world-class wellness solutions that produce the best results targeted at each individual’s goals and needs. This approach is based on preventive and integrated wellness and medicine, where multidisciplinary diagnoses, wellness, spa and medical treatments and therapies help identify and correct health imbalances as early as possible so as to prevent chronic degeneration to develop.

All this is what sets Longevity apart, as one of the world’s pioneers and leading player in Wellness tourism and hospitality, as recognized by many international prestigious awards and media exposure

Longevity Health & Wellness Programmes